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Antique map of China by Chia Ch'uan and Li Ming for Emperor Qianlong

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Chia Ch'uan and Li Ming for Emperor Qianlong


Crossing the ocean and triumphant return

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Beijing, 1789

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51 x 88 cms




The Conquests of the Emperor Qianlong (1736-95).
Engraving from a set of twelve, recording the Emperor Qianlong's military campaign in Formosa (Taiwan), 1786-88, after designs by the Court artists Kai Ts'tiuan and Li Ming, accompanied by a poem and a seal 'The seal of the Emperor over 70 years of age'.

The rebellion was defeated and the army returns home in triumph. The islands depicted in the background of the print is Taiwan, the formation of rocks on the left side is the Penghu Islands. The land on the right is Chinese soil.

This large format style of engraving was initially used in France for the Emperor Qianlong's first military campaign engravings commissioned in 1765. The Emperor was so delighted with the outcome of these French engravings that he commissioned Chinese craftsmen to execute further engravings of later campaigns. The engravings in this lot are examples of Chinese workmanship.

Printed at the Forbidden City, 1788-1789.

Large showpiece. Of exceptional importance and rarity. One of the finest pieces of maritime art of the period. With a poem by the emperor.